Tiny Homes

For Your Tiny House.

If you’ve chosen a tiny house as your permanent or vacation residence, you can do no better than to choose a Nature’s Head. Many Tiny Homes are on wheels, which means that you may have no problem when you do not want to hook up to sewer or septic. Nature’s Head fits in most bathroom spaces, and is easy to clean. The only maintenance required is to empty it when necessary.



For your Boat.

For those with sailboats, motor cruisers, trawlers or other vessels, this toilet meets the USCG requirements for a Type III marine head. Requiring no holding tank, no pumpouts, and no water to flush this head is designed to fit in most spaces. Our Spider agitator handle requires less room and the small computer fan draws a minimal amount of power.


Cabins & Homes

For Your Cabin, Cottage, or Boathouse.

Whether it is a cabin, a home, a barn, a yurt, a survival shelter, a workshop or studio, a boathouse, a tree house, basement, bunker, cottage, a truck house, or any other structure, a Nature’s Head is your answer. Anywhere there is no public sewer or septic facility, or if you want to be independently off-grid, there is no solution that is more reliable.


RVs & Campers

For Your Camper, Motorhome, or 5th Wheel.

Anytime you want to be on the road, or perhaps off the grid, our self-contained waterless toilet is the solution for you. For a motor coach, camper, converted truck, travel trailer, or fifth-wheel, say goodbye to hauling around your water to flush and your blackwater tank; there will be no more dump stations to find. Campsites with no hookups nor dump stations pose no problem for you.