FAN is not working.

If using 12 volt battery, check for voltage. Make sure the positive wire marked positive is attached to the positive from the battery. Check the fuse. Check to see if the single pin hookup is making contact. If using the power transformer ( 110 to 12v), check voltage at the outlet. Verify the single pin connection. Try unplugging and reconnecting. When the fan is running, make sure the fan is blowing outward. If the fan is still not working, email Nature’s Head, Inc. or your distributor for a free replacement. Include your mailing address and telephone number.


It is best to allow the solids to decompose before emptying your toilet. The longer you wait before emptying your toilet, the nicer the job will be. Many boaters will leave the solid wastes in the toilet over the winter and empty it in the spring. That may not be possible for some applications, but you will find that even in as little as one week much of the solid wastes have begun to decompose, and just the paper products are visible. It is best if you do not leave the liquid wastes in the tank for extended periods. While everyone is different, some urine will smell bad if allowed to sit for extended periods.


It is best if you do not leave the liquid wastes in the tank for extended periods. While everyone is different, some urine will smell bad if allowed to sit for extended periods.

The compost seems TOO WET

If too wet due to prolonged diarrhea, add a small amount of sphagnum peat moss. If wet due to excessive condensation, also add a little spagnum peat moss. Make sure excessive wetness is not due to someone urinating directly into the compost section. This can also contribute to an unpleasant odour. The compost area should have only a musty smell. If a sewage odour is present, please contact Nature’s Head for consultation.

The compost seems TOO DRY

If the compost is dry or hard, add some water and turn the agitator after the sphagnum peat moss has absorbed the moisture.

WHERE do I empty it?

Urine is great for mature trees or can be diluted for plants. Ideally, the compost section would be emptied in a compost pile or bin. If traveling, it can be disposed of in a bag, or buried.

Do I need to RUN THE FAN all of the time?

If using the toilet full time, using the fan full time will enable the compost to process faster. If you are NOT going to be using the toilet for 10 days or more, unplug the fan, as the compost would tend to become too dry and hard. Do empty and clean the urine bottle before leaving.

Will FREEZING TEMPERATURES damage the toilet?

No. Other than emptying the urine bottle nothing needs to be done and it will not affect the toilet.

Does composting work in COLD CONDITIONS?

Composting works from 12°C and warmer. The warmer it is, the faster it compost. When the temperature drops to freezing, the compost will be dormant until heat is introduced into the area.


If your toilet incurs flies or gnats, add five cups of natural Diatomaceous Earth to the compost. The Diatomaceous Earth can be purchased at swimming pool supply stores or hardware stores. One of our customers told us that a mothball cake attached to the bottom of the seat section (underneath the seat) but not directly in the compost medium, should alleviate the problem. The fan vent would then remove the mothball smell from the room.

The AGITATOR HANDLE turns with difficulty

If the compost gets dry, the handle may not turn easily. Adding used coffee grounds results in added moisture and keeps the compost loose so that it mixes better.

What kind of toilet paper must be used?

Any kind of toilet paper will work, however single ply paper breaks down quicker. Many single ply papers are approved for septic tanks.

Is it ok to dispose of TAMPONS in the bin?

We do not recommend this. Many brands of tampons are made from a mix of rayon and non-organic cotton, and are commonly chlorine-bleached. These will not decompose. Organic, 100% cotton tampons will compost, but will take a significant amount of time.

To REMOVE BUILDUP in the liquids bottle.

Empty the bottle. Add two teaspoon of Compost Toilet Cleaner/Stimulant, fill with water and let it sit for 24 hours. Agitate and empty. Another suggestion is to rinse the bottle, add vinegar and some pea gravel. Shake well and the buildup will break loose.