Marine Solar Vent



Product Description

EG technics P/L have developed a new generation low profile stainless steel solar vent for boats, caravans and motor-homes.

Fully automatic operation powered by solar energy with a bigger and higher output solar panel.

No wiring, no plugs, no noise, and once installed no running cost whatsoever.

Turbo Series: with In/Off/Out switches to control extraction and introduction, while combine “Trickle” and “Boost Speed” options for users to balance between power consumption of ventilation and power charging speed accordingly.


Solar panel cover

Solar Panel




Built in PC cover and epoxy coating

Square solar-panel: 110*110mm Output 3W/4.5V

1 x Lithum Cell rechargeable Battery

Built in

Long 5 year warranty.

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Product TypeNature's Head Accessory
Price (incl. tax)A$186.00
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